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Why Give?

The Bible teaches us a baseline standard for giving (the tithe). When we give the first 10% of our income to the church, we put God first in our lives. Tithing is an act of worship that expresses gratitude, faith and love for others. There are many ways in which we can give: through serving and giving of our time, talents and finances. This page is dedicated to giving financially, to find out how to give through your talents please visit our serving opportunities page. 


Other Ways to Give

Gifts in Kind/Appreciable Assets: Transferring ownership of stocks, bonds, real estate, automobiles, etc. provides ample giving opportunities. Tax codes are generous toward this form of giving. Giving the asset to the church, then allowing the church to sell eliminates potential capital gains taxes and can increase the after-tax proceeds, providing significant tax savings.

Income-Producing Assets: Interest income, payments from rental properties, or monies from other income-producing assets provide sources of increased giving.

Sale of Assets: Sales of major assets such as a house, car, land or business provide sources of increased giving.

Corporate Gifts: Donate the products or services of your business. For example, if you are in construction, donate materials or labor.

Income raises/bonuses/tax returns: Donating raises, bonuses and tax returns are also avenues to increase giving.