HOPE Church has walked through a door that is causing us to Reimagine HOPE! God has called us to expand our vision in a way that is truly God-sized and beyond our human ability.  As we are a little over two years into our three year campaign we are encouraging everyone to pray and consider what part God would have you play in preparing the future of HOPE Church, serving future generations and the Greater Grand Forks area. There is still time to get involved and we'd love for you to Reimagine HOPE with us!

It’s a campaign that’s going to be more than just money, it’s a campaign about our hearts, it’s a campaign about engaging our lives in something that is going to be amazing for the sake of the Kingdom and the sake of the region.
— Pastor Paul Knight

Four Key Components


For the last several years God has been prompting us to generously serve and bless organizations that are doing good, both faith-based and civic-minded organizations in our region. We have experienced wonderful responses to our previous Compassionfirst offerings. There is a progression of truth that runs through Acts 2:42-47:

  • Doing good deeds for people… 
  • Leads to goodwill and goodwill…
  • Opens the door to hearing the good news.

Our Reimagine HOPE campaign will significantly impact our opportunity to bless financially the region. This portion of our campaign puts financial teeth into our vision of “touching with the hope and love…people who do not know Jesus Christ yet.”

Ministry Impact:

Our first priority will always be to reach people who do not know Jesus, encouraging all to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ; who let God love them, who love Him in return, and who love others in Jesus’ name. With our ever-expanding ministries and staffing, we will continue to pursue our strategy to REACHwide, TEACHdeep, and UNLEASHcompassion.

HOPE Facility Needs:

Since our founding in 1979, God has consistently stretched and moved us to facilities that will serve as a tool for ministry. Today, we are in the midst of another faith-step of expansion. With the purchase of the Grand Cities Mall property, we have facility that can be renovated and land on which to expand. HOPE has been on a consistent and steady growth path for the last 24 years and we anticipate that God’s will continue to trust us with growth.

We believe the reimagine campaign will “prepare the ground” for the next generations of those who will come behind us and continue the mission and vision of reaching others with the hope and love of Jesus.

Our Facility Dream Teams will look at our current needs, our near future needs, and our God-sized dreams. The 27 acres, to which God has led us, gives us an unprecedented opportunity to re-shape our community for years to come.

On an average Sunday 50% of the people in the Greater Grand Forks area are not in a local church. We believe this is unacceptable. Especially if that means that those people do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. HOPE has been blessed to have a consistent flow of guests and visitors with many of them coming to faith in Jesus. As has been consistent with our past, we believe that our facility is a tool to help us achieve the mission God has called us to pursue.

Midtown Dreams:

During the next 5 to 10 years, we will continue to serve the constituency of the Grand Cities Mall in cooperation with the Land of HOPE LLC (the managing group serving HOPE Church in relationship to the Grand Cities Mall).

Beyond these first years, our dream is to develop our 27 acres into a park-like oasis that serves and connects our community, inviting them to be a part of what God is doing.

Because our property is located in the center of the Grand Forks community, Midtown, we have a strategic opportunity to serve and bless our region. Our vision for this property is developing, as God guides us, but at the core we hope to create a space that serves and connects people.

  • Our first steps will be to develop a master-plan, guiding principles and vision for the entire acreage.
  • Currently the Grand Cities Mall is completely self-sufficient. Hope has not spent any of our funds to sustain the center.
  • We have chosen to add the master planning of the property into the Reimagine campaign because we believe that the vision for this space will be significant for the kingdom!
  • Much of what we are planning and dreaming is still in the development or dream stage. Here are a few of the components that will be part of our master planning discussions:
  • A possible partnership with the Grand Cities Library at the Midtown Center (Grand Cities Mall property)
  • Creation of park and playground space (including walking space, water feature, inspiring landscape
  • Senior adult housing
  • Integrated retail and office spaces
  • A HOPE Church campus integral to the grander vision of the Midtown property.

The scope of the Midtown vision is much larger than will be addressed with this particular campaign. The Reimagine HOPE campaign is targeted toward the early development of this dream. During the next years, we hope to see this vision begin to take shape through strategic partnerships with others.

Reimagine with us a Midtown Center that is viewed as an oasis in the city. HOPE has an amazing opportunity to serve our region and prepare a space for people to encounter our living God.

Reimagine Your Commitment

Deciding what and how much to give is an exciting choice made between God, you, and your family. As you consider your commitment, begin with the understanding that everything belongs to God; we “steward” it for Him (Psalm 24:1). Prayerfully consider the amount of money God would have you contribute to Reimagine HOPE and when you are ready to make your commitment click on the button below.